Schema Precast System (SPS) has been specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality precast products for almost a decade.

SPS precast is a multipurpose precast which can be used for wide range of application such as wave breaker, bridge foundation, preloading sands, cliff retaining wall, road infrastructure, land reclamation, water dam, and river structuring.

Patented in 2008, SPS has been used for various private sector or government project, locally and globally.

SPS has been proven as an effective and reliable solution for many infrastructures project where environmental and landscape challenge the most. SPS is proven reducing project time delivery without compromising the quality at lower cost, compare to another engineering solution.

SPS is a systematic solution for a medium to large construction work or construction work with a high-level nature difficulties

SPS Construction Video

SPS can be implemented on almost every environment (land, peat land, muddy ground, swamps, sloppy area, river and on riverbed, coastal area and on seabed) with even low bearing capacity ground and submersed ground.

SPS is a world wide patented product and system.

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SPS is purely 100% new invention and innovation.
Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights and Patent are registered.

Schema Precast System Is


Environment Friendly




Low Cost

Reduced Time