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SPS Construction Implementation Scheme

Some SPS construction schemes are as follows:

  1. SPS Patent as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)
    • Entire project and its implementation are the responsibility of the SPS Patent
    • The SPS patent is fully responsible to the project owner
  2. The SPS Patent Party grants written permission to the consultant as a planner and/or contractor & may also provide support to the executor/contractor in the event of an auction.
    • The Contractor is fully responsible for the project
    • The SPS Patent Party proposes suggestions and direction directives
    • The SPS patent is only responsible for the design and product of the patent product

Patent SPS parties open wide opportunities to all existing Consultants and Contractors to cooperate in the construction of SPS

SPS is a systematic solution for a medium to large construction work or construction work with a high-level nature difficulties

SPS is purely 100% new invention and innovation.
Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights and Patent are registered.

Schema Precast System Is


Environment Friendly




Low Cost

Reduced Time