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How is SPS Different? - The Benefits

  • SPS does not need sheet piles
  • SPS is manufactured according to quality standards
  • SPS is easy to construct, vertical or horizontal
  • SPS can be filled with a mixture of local materials, sand or stone
  • SPS Serves as a counterweight
  • SPS is monolith (Strength to large weight ratio)
  • SPS is dynamic load resistant, has denser stuffing, controlled geometry and structural alignment- if there is a decrease it will be evenly distributed
  • SPS can accept the flow of water beyond the height of the structure (overtopping)
  • SPS is more effective and efficient in land use and demand
  • SPS has high aesthetics and appearance can be tailored
  • SPS has a long life – minimum maintenance cost
  • SPS is multifunctional for various types of construction works

SPS is a systematic solution for a medium to large construction work or construction work with a high-level nature difficulties

SPS is purely 100% new invention and innovation.
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Schema Precast System Is


Environment Friendly




Low Cost

Reduced Time